The first subscription service for Mac software has just hit 100 apps

We doubled our collection in less than a year.

Dec 6th 2016
The best app collection available in a single suite.
Jan 25th
A solid pack to cover most of your everyday tasks.
Oct 2017
You’re almost ready for takeoff to Mars.

We now have apps for every job

Clean your Mac
Recover lost data
Back up important files
Work to the sound of rain
Save YouTube videos
Post on Instagram from Mac
Remember sister’s birthday
Move files to iPhone without iTunes
Save money on mobile data
Make PDFs lighter
Block distracting websites
Finish work by deadline
Automatically track time
Don’t let Mac go to sleep
Get things done
Visualize ideas in mind maps
Buy groceries on time
Make a website without coding
Easily create HTML5 animation
Conduct field research
Write thesis papers
Edit your images with AI
Learn to draw with watercolor brushes
Write on Mac and post on Medium
Keep perfect credit history
Get automatic bill reminders
People love Setapp all around the globe

Some countries have their favorites and we can’t blame them.

Hint: Drag the map around to see New Zealand. We think it’s hilarious.

And our support team loves them back
9,120 support tickets closed
473 users interviewed
133 bugs fixed
Setapp is getting really personal
Our recommendation system learns from your actions and preferences, offering you the best next app.
Converting images from TIFF to JPG?
This app takes good care of fancy photos.
You might want them edited.
A smart one-click editor or a more nuanced approach?
Nice, how about fixing your gallery now.
Group images by tags and color schemes.
Now, let’s clean up your gallery from extra files.
Get rid of duplicated and similar images.
Meet the Mac press and creative journalism

Yeah, yeah, we get it, we’re kind of like Netflix. Cool.

The Next Web
The Mac Observer
press reviews
To wrap it up, a few fun facts we just discovered
Every 3 min
4,000 people call an Uber and someone subscribes to Setapp
Every 7 min
2,000 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube and Setapp is recommended to a friend

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