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Ausum via Setapp

Listen to 1-minute news briefs

Get short audio summaries of the news around the globe. Stay on top, listen to the top publishers and world leaders, and get inspired wherever you are. All that in less than 3 minutes with Ausum, an app for transforming long texts into brief audios.
version 1.45.6
macOS 14.1 required

Ausum features

Get the gist on the top stories

Podcasts run the world, Ausum is helping you to ride the wave. It turns texts from world-known publishers into short 1-minute audio samples. Stay informed and save time for anything else.

Catch up on what you’ve missed

No time for reading? Tap play, go on Ausum, and stay informed on what you’ve missed. Half an hour drive home from your office equals approximately 10 articles. Impressive, huh?

Turn long texts into short briefs

Articles, blog posts, newsletters – Ausum squeezes them into a pure tasty informational piece. Like your morning orange fresh. This way, you can actually read more articles daily, whenever and wherever.

Enjoy curated content

Choose the texts you want to read with Ausum and get personalized recommendations on what you might be interested in. There are dozens of topics and publishers to explore.

Get off the phone

Spend less time staring at your screen by listening to short less-than-3-min audio briefs. They will give you a quick brief on what happened during your workout in the gym or business presentation.

Stop saving links for later

Going back to reading those is a good idea, but often it never happens. Those links keep building up, and your time gets shorter. And then one day, you just forget what all that was about. Ausum takes just a few minutes of your time to get you updated.

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version 1.45.6
macOS 14.1 required
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