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Co-edit documents offline

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Co-edit documents offline

Collabio Spaces is the only comprehensive tool for documents real-time offline collaboration available on all your Apple devices. Allow your peers to co-author documents while retaining all the files privately on your device. Organize and sort your documents by spaces. Import and edit any popular office format documents.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2022.01.01 macOS 10.15 required

Collabio features

Ad-hoc co-authoring on Mac and iOS

Collabio’s unique ad-hoc collaboration feature allows you to co-author documents offline, without using the cloud or connecting to public Wi-Fi. Invite people to join via your protected Wi-Fi hotspot and start working on a document together. All documents will remain exclusively on your device. No stranger will ever get access to your work.

Comprehensive text editor

You can format your documents as flexibly as you do online. Make use of professional styling tools, choose from among different fonts, add footnotes, comments, images, tables of content, and more. Track changes you and other co-authors made.

Organize documents by spaces

Too many files to deal with? Create handy spaces in Collabio to switch between projects, work and personal files, text documents, and spreadsheets — anything! Spaces help to organize your work and keep all the files close at hand on any device.

Powerful text recognition

The app uses OCR technology to scan and recognize any content. Take a photo of anything that contains the data you need — Collabio will instantly extract text, images, or formulas so you can use them in your documents. Avoid unnecessary typing and save time for the important stuff.

Spreadsheets? Not a problem

Collabio Spaces offers ready-to-use spreadsheet templates for budget management, invoices, and more. Create charts. Use filters and formulas to get more of your data. Customize spreadsheets with images. You’ll find everything you need to visualise and process information here.

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Collabio Collabio® Spaces
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2022.01.01 macOS 10.15 required
via + 230 apps.