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Diarly features

Diarly is a journaling app that makes your Mac home to exciting stories and memories. Write, customize formatting, and organize entries the way you like. For secure and easy access to Diarly, you can enable encryption and password protection as well as sync your data across devices.

Security above all

The last thing you want is someone infringing on your privacy. This is why instead of keeping your diary under the bed, put it in one digital spot on your Mac. In Diarly, all the entries you create can be encrypted, so that no one can ever peek inside.

Markdown editor

Import to Markdown and customize formatting as you write. Diarly’s in-built Markdown editor with bullets and headers lets you put your writing into any shape. Apart from syntax support, the editor has a preview feature so that you stay in control of the entries’ look.

Calendar, lists, and search

Diarly assists you in creating a manageable list of entries. So that no matter how often you write, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. The app has a calendar if you want to search by date as well as customizable lists. To make navigation even easier, perform a hashtag search.

Syncing across devices

Diarly supports syncing via iCloud as well as makes the app available across devices. So you can rely on both Mac app and iPhone/iPad app for journaling. Enable password protection to ensure no one accesses any of your apps.

Activity tracking

Journaling goals can be big and bold. Diarly allows you to create daily objectives and see how you perform over time. You can set the app to track the word count for specific entries. For more comprehensive insights, check writing statistics for 90 days or any custom date range.

Custom look

Diarly’s interface is all about distraction-free writing. And with lots of room for customization, you can make it even more convenient. Change fonts, themes, and sizes to give your diary a perfect look. If you want, you can have different templates for specific entry categories.

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