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Tools for everything education

Learning a new skill, profession, or specialty can be both an exhilarating and stressful time. While you are finding out tons of new things and building up your intelligence muscles, you are also faced with deadlines, challenging assignments that you don’t always know how to approach, and new tools you are just learning how to use. Here at Setapp we like to make the process easier for you with a curated selection of apps for learning that can make your education a breeze.

Pick best study apps for you

Education software has long evolved from its days of being clunky and difficult to working and looking as smooth as any app out there. That said, you still need to consider quite a few things when selecting apps for learning. Best studying apps will help you structure your learning material, highlight the most important bits, and make the core of the subject matter most prominent. They can make the process not only easy and seamless, but also fun and engaging thanks to attractive and user-friendly interface.

Learning apps vs. study apps

Apps for studying come in all shapes and forms — from apps for mapping out your papers, to foreign language learning helpers, to note-takers, to apps that target a specific skill that they help you acquire. Sometimes you’ll see that apps you use for your studies are referred to as learning apps while others are called studying apps. While a lot of the time the terms are used interchangeably, there’s actually a difference between these types of software for education.

Learning apps actually teach you a skill, like KeyKey Typing Tutor on the list above is providing you lessons for faster typing. Study helper apps, on the other hand, are apps that assist you on your way to completing assignments. For example, Manuscripts provides tools for structuring and creating book manuscripts, MarginNote enables you to annotate documents, etc.

Software for learning can make or break your educational endeavors as it creates the learning environment for your classes. And with remote learning becoming more and more mainstream, the digital tools you employ to help you on your education journey are key to your efficiency and productivity.

We’ve added some of the best study and learning apps to this education category for you to have an easier time building your toolkit for learning.