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Digital change can make a huge impact on real life. Meditation, painting, even home planning — these activities are largely supported by the so-called lifestyle/wellness apps. They can help you maintain your daily productivity, stick to your schedule, and just do the things you love. Check out over 30 curated self-care apps on Setapp.

What is lifestyle software?

Although there’s no common theme or profession that would put all the wellness apps together, there’s one underlying idea: digital wellbeing software improves the quality of life. Indeed, even a very basic meditation app can help people battle anxiety. So we can conclude the best lifestyle apps are those that help you feel better, whatever your occupation is.

Use cases for lifestyle apps

Tend to get anxious at work? You can solve it with an emotional health tracker such as Grapefruit, or get a digital diary app such as Diarly if documenting your thoughts calms you down. Another idea is to create countdown events with the Moment app — it’s a great way to remind yourself about a vacation or just a pleasant event ahead.

Remote workers can really benefit from Meeter, which is an auto-join app for those with lots of meetings. If you’re not only a remote worker, but also a digital nomad, your life will get better with TripMode, an app that helps save internet data.

Digital influencers love Grids — an Instagram for Mac — it can help you craft a better workflow with automated content publishing across Instagram accounts. Add good photo editing software such as Luminar and PhotoBulk, or maybe GlueMotion and Gifox if you want to recycle your content and turn it into new formats.

How to choose lifestyle apps

It’s not a good idea to download everything that can even slightly relate to the concept of a “healthy living app.” Healthy life is different for everyone and depends on where in your workflow you struggle the most, which pain points you want to solve, and so on. The simplest way to check with yourself is to spend a day just noticing which parts of the day make you most anxious, or which tasks you really hate working on. After that, see if there are digital wellbeing apps that could close those gaps. See potential improvements? Great. Now you can browse Setapp and pick the right lifestyle apps. Because Setapp charges one monthly fee for all apps, you can experiment, install and uninstall apps, and reshape your workflows as long as you like.