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Mouseless features

Your mind typing faster than fingers? This is where Mouseless saves the day. Take a few training sessions that are nothing short of fun, and learn shortcuts for the apps you use daily. This small app gives you interactive drills, a cheat sheet if you’re new, and ultimately — a huge productivity boost.

Interactive exercises

It doesn’t take a lot of time for you to start saving time. Take a 5-minute lesson from Mouseless once in a while and master up to 10 shortcuts. Since you get the chance to apply new knowledge right away, your typing progress will impress you.

Shortcuts for every app

The Mouseless database covers 1000+ shortcuts for both built-in and installed applications. Photoshop or Sketch, Spotify or Gmail, it works with every utility you’re already using. If you’re new, you can look up shortcuts inside every individual app to refresh the knowledge.

Save up to 8 days per year

By helping you master shortcuts for frequently used apps, Mouseless gives you the most precious gift — time. If you’re a diligent learner, the app can save up to 8 days per year. That’s the perfect vacation length! Minimize the fuss of mouse clicks, maximize productivity.

Adapts to your setting

Mouseless is a keyboard teacher that can speak any language. The tool translates shortcuts, depending on your keyboard’s language requirements. Another perk is that Mouseless doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi connection — you can use your beloved shortcuts even from the most secluded place in the world.

Cheating is fine

The app keeps shortcuts for your apps in neat accessible lists. Ultimately, you won’t be needing any cheat sheets. It’s just a nice thing to have by your side while you’re still learning. Access to the lists of shortcuts will be available from the menu bar.

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