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Movist Pro

Movist Pro


Play all video formats

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Movist Pro Movist Pro

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Play all video formats

Watching movies should feel cozy. Movist takes care of your experience while putting control in your hands. Play favorite videos with subtitles, customize settings as you watch, and let the app automatically build playlists for you. You also get a Safari extension to watch videos on the web, with all Movist features included.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.8.4 macOS 10.10 required

Movist Pro features

Effortless decoding

Play videos effortlessly with Movist, using QuickTime or FFmpeg decoder. You can reopen a movie with any other decoder, anytime. The app has in-built support for hardware accelerated decoding of H.265/HEVC. So you’ll have a lightning-fast access to your movies.

Define your flow

Thanks to fully customizable preferences, you can set the app to display subtitles, specify video quality and size, or even make it apply filters to your media. Toggle between dark and light themes to please your eye. With the control panel on your screen, you can also change preferences as you watch.

Extensive subtitles support

It’s what you won’t find in QuickTime. Subtitles are Movist’s huge superpower—with tons of formats and settings available. View subs in multiple languages, put them in letterboxes that adjust to your screen, or have Movist read subtitles for you.

HDR tone mapping

A superpower of Movist is that it can upgrade your non-HDR screen. Normally, when you view HDR media on a non-HDR screen, the colors will appear light or faded. Movist’s HDR tone mapping technology fixes the problem by adjusting the color, professionally.

Auto-filling playlists

You name your playlist, Movist does all the housekeeping. Every time you open a video, the app will search for matching series and subtitles files to put your media into the right playlist. If you want, you can remove or add movies manually anytime.

Support for web and network play

In the pro version, Movist adds capabilities for watching videos right from your browser with Safari extension. All the features are maintained, including subs, auto-fill playlists, and overlay controls. Plus, you the app enables you to play media on network servers like FTP, SFTP, and SMB.

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Movist Pro
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.8.4 macOS 10.10 required
Movist Pro
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