Presentation mode on Mac

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PliimPRO features

Have you ever been interrupted by your loved one asking what’s for dinner while you were sharing the screen? PliimPRO is exactly the tool to make sure this never happens. The app disables notifications, removes desktop clutter and active apps, and lets you mute speakers in a click — the presentation mode that makes screen sharing safe.

Disable desktop notification

PliimPRO has a few easy toggles that get your Mac into a perfect screen sharing shape. Hiding desktop notifications is one of them. As soon as you turn on the presentation mode, your Mac’s desktop goes numb. No Mail alerts, no chat notifications — nothing that could distract your audience.

Keep any private stuff invisible

Name your folders the way you want to name them — not necessarily Folder1 and Folder2. With PliimPRO, you can hide desktop icons and active apps, all in one click. This gives you a clean workspace tailored for sharing. As soon as you stop sharing, everything goes back to normal.

Mute your mic in a click

Every meeting platform has its own “mute” rules. If you use PliimPRO for screen sharing, there’s no need to know them. Simply mute your mic using a persistent touchbar icon or a custom shortcut. Instead of going through tabs and settings, stick to one intuitive flow.

Works with any meeting platform

Whether you do Zoom, Hangouts, FaceTime, or all of them, PliimPRO can handle it. The presentation mode works with every meeting platform you use. This ends the problem of switching across tabs, customizing settings for every app, and doing lots of manual adjustments you could avoid with PliimPRO.

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