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Quarterplan via Setapp

Get one app for all your notes

This minimalistic, easy-to-use app is helping you to keep on track and quickly solve your daily tasks. Perform your core to-dos elegantly, get things done effortlessly and focus on what’s essential for you right now.
version 1.3.4
requires iOS 13.4 or later

Quarterplan features

Time periods

Split your daily activity into 3-hour periods to never miss anything and have a rest in between. Plan your day with no stress or burning out.

Get notifications

Set reminders and get notified when your next task should be done. Thus you never risk forgetting essential to-dos.

Tasks in your inbox

If you’re a proficient email user following GTD flow, just add tasks that don’t have a fixed date to your inbox. No muss, no fuss.

Beloved checklists

Structured information is a feast to the eyes and soul. Easily perceived, nice-looking tasks are so pleasant to solve. Break down to-dos into minor actions and get things done faster.

Calendar at hand

Schedule your tasks and meetings and have an overview of your work day, week, or month.

Repeating to-dos

Visit family dinners at your mom’s on Sundays? Or meeting stakeholders every last Tuesday of each month? Create to-dos that repeat and forget about writing them down over and over again.

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Positive reviews percentage
1 ratings
version 1.3.4
requires :platform 13.4 or later
via + 240 apps.