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Repeat Repeat - Habits & Wellbeing



Start new habits and stick to them

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This app is available on Mac and iPhone. To unlock the iOS version, open Setapp on your Mac, then navigate to the app page in Setapp, click "iOS app", and follow the instructions.
Set up new habits and change your life
Get suggestions on healthy habits
Track your streaks and earn trophies
Become healthier and more productive

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Repeat via Setapp

Start new habits and stick to them

Bad habits make our lives a little harder every day, while good habits can set us up for a lifetime of joy, better health, and more efficiency. Take a moment each day to contribute to a better you with this handy habit tracker. Create new amazing habits with Repeat! The app can help you work on your goals, celebrate successes, and explore new good habits to pick up. It takes 21 day to form a habit, so don’t waste any time and start today!
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.55 macOS 10.15 required

Repeat features

Habit tracking

Repeat provides you with the right tools you need to form and sustain habits you’d like to cultivate. The app assists you in the process of setting up new habits to track, provides helpful guidance on the process of habit formation, and is your perfect hub for honing your best self to try and reach a new, more fulfilling and productive stage in your life.

Suggested popular habits

Want to get your habits sorted out, but don’t know where to start? No worries, Repeat provides excellent structure to the process and handily provides a collection of popular habits for you to browse and then pick and choose what fits your life best. Want to eat more fruit? Meditate daily? Read more? Form these and many, many more habits with Repeat.


Track streaks with Repeat, celebrate achievements to help motivate yourself on your journey and even share them — if you’d like others to know what progress you’ve been making! Repeat makes working on your habits easier and more fun, which definitely helps make the grind feel much more like a breeze.

Customization options

You can customize Repeat to fit your personal preference by choosing your homepage layout, theme, and customizing icons. The app also conveniently has a privacy lock feature. What’s more, your habits are synced across your devices that use the same Apple ID.

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Repeat Repeat - Habits & Wellbeing
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.55 macOS 10.15 required
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