SSH Config Editor

SSH Config Editor


Manage SSH client config files with ease

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SSH Config Editor features

If you use SSH to connect to remote systems — more often than once in a year — you definitely need help handling all the configs. SSH Config Editor is a wonderful tool to keep your OpenSSH client configurations and known-hosts files under control. Manage identities, port forwarding, and other options within one coherent interface.

Robust editor

Instead of limited text editing, you get an intuitive system — a powerhouse of all SSH options and settings. Easily search across host settings, reorder host configs with drag and drop, and disable configurations that are no longer relevant. With separators for visual group hosts and dedicated sets of icons for specific systems, it’s all sorted for you.

Instant connection to host

All your SSH connections are accessible from the app. Plus, you have an extra benefit of automatic login with securely stored passwords. Set identity files per host, benefit from port knocking sequences, or customize default terminal in Preferences. Every feature brings you a step closer to a quick host connection.

Local and remote port forwarding

The beauty of SSH Config Editor is that it visualizes the port forwarding process, giving you perfect visibility of local and remote forwarding. Thanks to easy SSH copy ID, templates for similar configs, and multiple editing options, you can streamline the whole experience — once and for all.

Manage known-hosts files

You can browse through all host entries, including the encrypted once, in the app’s search. Edit or customize revocation states, remove or comment on invalid hosts — SSH Config Editor gives you all the rights you need to manage known-hosts files with ease.

Generate RSA key pairs

Secure access by generating a unique public or private RSA key pair. Simply click on the key icon next to Identities, pick the size, create and verify a passphrase, and save your key pair in a flash. You can also choose to automatically copy key pair to the current host.

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SSH Config Editor
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