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1067 ratings

Ulysses via Setapp

Write and publish from one app

Ulysses gives you every tool you need to put your words on figurative paper. It’s an insanely functional writing program, yet it stays completely out of your way when you just need a page to write on. With Ulysses, every step of your story’s lifecycle gets easier: you can write undistracted, format with a few keystrokes, and publish without leaving the app. All that in a gorgeous clean UI that inspires, not intrudes.
version 28.1
macOS 11.0 required

Ulysses features

Write without distractions

When you need to concentrate on what you’re saying, Ulysses practically turns into a blank sheet of paper and doesn’t distract you with the rest of its features. Write away — you can get to the formatting later.

Easily format with a markdown editor

Ulysses’ text editor allows you to structure and format your piece by adding a few extra characters. It’s markup-based, which means headlines, footnotes, and other elements are literally at your fingertips.

Keep your writing in one spot

Ulysses automatically saves every word you write and makes organizing your work a breeze. Everything from notes to sketches to manuscripts is right there, in a unified, well-structured library.

Stay safe with iCloud sync

Create and forget about the worries of losing your unique content. It gets safely stored in your iCloud drive. And, if you are an owner of the Ulysses iOS application, you can work on your texts wherever you are, whenever you want.

Publish to WordPress or Medium

Ulysses integrates with WordPress and Medium to save you the hassle of copying and pasting your new posts. You finish a new story, hit “Publish” inside the writing app, and your draft instantly appears on the blog.

Export beautiful ebooks and PDFs

When you’re done writing, it takes just a few clicks to make your work ready for reading. Pick from a variety of styles and export your stories as well-designed ebooks, PDFs, HTMLs, or good ol’ Word documents.

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Ulysses Ulysses · Writing App
Positive reviews percentage
1067 ratings
version 28.1
macOS 11.0 required
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