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Unibox features

Forget about boring mailboxes, Unibox keeps things in a beautiful, consistent and familiar way. Use this feature-rich yet elegant email client app and you will have emails about people, instead of an impersonal list. It’s not only secure, intuitive and lightweight, but it makes the whole process of emailing more natural and intriguing. You tend to appreciate your email in an entirely new way, similar to text messaging.

Emails perfectly grouped by sender

Group all your emails in a consistent way. Your entire contact list is arranged by the last email’s date. You’ll see every contact only once. To get all data about communication with the particular person, select the contact. Feels perfectly familiar, It’s like chat or SMS apps.

Consistent letters and conversations

What if all your communications with a particular person were in a single list? Seems wonderful, right? Give communication the attention it deserves. No mess, no interruptions. Want to check one special conversation having several participants? Drill down into thread view.

Elegant attachments with previews

View attachments in a more convenient manner. Determine if you wish your attachments as part of messages or select among two other views. To get a small attachment preview in an elegant grid, choose the icon view. To get all accurate data about the attached files in a table, hit the list view.

Most popular email providers supported

This mail client for Mac runs with the IMAP protocol used by most of the email vendors. So, no matter whether you prefer Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, Outlook.com, Hotmail, or Live.com, Unibox covers them all. Plus, it covers custom IMAP servers and Microsoft Exchange if IMAP is on.

Read and write in one window

Imagine this: your emails are practically instant messages. Yes, you have all communications in one window; whether you read and reply. Thus, you will not lose context anymore. The app only consumes the required for the message space, and you’ve got almost unlimited space to look over other letters or attachments as you write.

A snap and smooth experience

Unibox is comprehensive at dealing with emails and tidying up your inbox mess. Once you get started with this robust Mac email client, you’ll see that it’s a joy to use. But be forewarned: it’s beautifully addictive. After using it for a while, it’s hard to come back to any other email programs for Mac.

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