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WaitingList features

Is your summer holiday coming? Can't wait for your first date? Looking forward to that movie premiere? WaitingList is your smart choice. If the dates or events you care about are just around the corner, tracking their approach is a highly enjoyable process, right? Use this waitlist app to create countdown widgets with customizable event dates and enjoy them approaching. It’s always pleasant to the eye to see the event you have been waiting for long is just about to happen. No matter what you are waiting for, use this countdown timer app for Mac. You will not only have the chance not to miss something important, but will enjoy the whole process of waiting.

Smart countdowns for all your events

Remember everything that matters to you! Use the app’s smart widgets for counting days left to events you care about. You see all countdowns in the left until it’s due time. The closer the date, the more precise data about it you are shown.

Get notifications not to miss anything

WaitingList is the powerful countdown app, which boasts an event-based notification approach. Receive useful notifications as the event approaches. In that way, you won’t miss anything that matters to you!

Beautiful skins for your events

Set a skin for your event. Select among several collections of skins the one which greatly reflects your upcoming event. By the way, now, there is a pretty solid array of skins on offer. And the good thing is that the new ones are added with app updates.

Create your own custom skins (coming soon)

Didn’t find the skin that best reflects your upcoming event? Not a problem! Use this beautiful holiday countdown app to generate your unique skins. It’s even possible to use your personal images to create new skins.

Watch your skins become live (coming soon)

Lively animations of skins are likely to bring even more thrill to the whole process of waiting, right? Watch your diverse list of items play with colors as the important events are approaching. Perfect if static content isn’t enough!

Full iCloud sync (coming soon)

It’s great when you have all your events synchronized across all your devices, isn't it? Such a cool feature is possible! Create a countdown on your Mac and get notified about it across all your devices with WaitingList installed.

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