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Tools for writing and blogging

Writing is magic happening right at your fingertips. Make all elements fall together and work seamlessly with our dedicated collection of tools — writing and helper apps — to empower you on your writing and blogging journey. Explore the list of apps below to find the exact fitting tools for your flow.

How to select best apps for writers

Sometimes choice can be overwhelming. Figuring out where to start can be the hardest thing for any task, but writers have made it iconic with a poetic name. We are talking about writer’s block, of course.

But come think of it, the challenge of getting started can be applied to almost any situation. And just in case you are not very familiar with software for writers as well as adjacent blogging apps and other creative writing apps, we are here to guide you.

Writing apps are a breed of their own. You can spend time scouring web forums, threads, and comment sections, for answers from fellow writing enthusiasts and pros to help you select the best toolkit for your writing tasks. Or you can go to Setapp.

Here, we’ve curated a category of some of the best writing apps for Mac that take care of the mundane while you create. Let’s look at how to find the best app for your writing. Answer the questions first:

  • How much time do you spend editing vs writing?
  • Is your content long-form, medium-, or short-?
  • Do you post your writings online?
  • Do you share your texts with colleagues or even work on them together?
  • Which formats do you work with the most?

Answering these questions will redefine your journey of picking apps for writing. You will be able to quickly scan app descriptions to find the exact parameters you are looking for and set up priorities for your search.

And if you ask us, best writing apps are the ones that create a synergy for your workflow, making it easier for you to work effectively without having to worry about the technical stuff. This means that it’s usually a combination of three or four apps that can get you to that perfect state of flow where you can go from researching your subject and taking notes on your PDFs, to translating foreign words you come across, to structuring your texts, to beautifying your pieces with images or cute formatting, to sharing your creations.

From blog software, to collab tools, to book writing apps, and more — Setapp got you covered. Click on any of the app logos above and discover your next favorite tool in no time! Build your writing toolkit to buff your skills, save time, and be your most efficient self.