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The Best Music Subscription: Apple Music vs Spotify
It’s time to compare Spotify vs Apple Music subscription services based on price, quality, and music selection. Let’s see what devices they support, and what are the differences in how you can discover and share your favorite music.
How to create a time-lapse video, step-by-step
Did you know the best way to make time lapse video? This guide is about the time-lapse recording and tips to do that by your Mac, iPhone or iPad
How To Change Desktop Background And Screensaver On Mac?
There are lots of options for you to choose as your background, from a set of default ones to anything customized. Here, we’ll explore how to change background on Mac quickly as well as touch on how to change screen saver, so you never get tired of looking at your Mac.
How To Install Fonts On Mac In Seconds
​By default, your Mac comes with around 200 pre-installed typefaces, and each typeface could contain any where from a few to a few dozen fonts. Wait, aren’t typefaces and fonts the same thing? Not exactly. In simplified terms, a typeface is a family of fonts.
How to quickly resize images on Mac
How can you quickly change the size of an image and optimize it at the same time? Read on in our brief guide for manipulating images on your Mac.
What Is Paint For Mac And How To Use It
Find out how you can use programs like Paint for Mac and quickly annotate images, draw realistic sketches, and create beautiful tutorials.
Organize your content with Movie Explorer Pro
Movie Explorer Pro is a small tool that completely changes your viewing experience. Search your Mac, collect files, create movie collections, filter and share – it’s basically your own Movie World. Only without Warner Bros.
Top 8 best video editors for Mac
Video editors for Mac are a haven for creatives, allowing to transform a bunch of visuals into a professional looking movie. Here are the top 8 free and paid video editing tools for pros and newbies.
Pick The Right Font Every Time With Typeface
Choosing the right font is trickier than it might seem. Matching the right font to a project isn’t always so easy, especially when there’s no easy way to compare and search for fonts. That’s where Typeface comes in.
How to easily watermark any photos on Mac
There are few things more frustrating than taking a brilliant photo, sharing it on social media, and seeing it get lots of traction, only for other people to post it without crediting you. It’s the kind of thing that happens all the time and there’s very little most of us can do about it once the image is out there.