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Apple Arcade: games, price, devices, and other facts we know
It’s fair to say that Apple surprised everyone with the Apple Arcade announcement during their recent “It’s Show Time” event on March 25. What is Apple Arcade? Good question. There aren’t lots of details yet, as Apple was quite cryptic and didn’t say too much during the presentation.
Quick guide to getting the most out of Apple News+
This guide shows you how works with both free and paid content on the News+, Apple's new magazine and newspaper subscription service.
The Best Music Subscription: Apple Music vs Spotify
It’s time to compare Spotify vs Apple Music subscription services based on price, quality, and music selection. Let’s see what devices they support, and what are the differences in how you can discover and share your favorite music.
How to connect PS4 or Xbox One controller to Mac
If you’re wondering how to use Xbox One controller on Mac, or the one from PS4, you’re in the right place. This article is about using Xbox One controller on Mac, as well as PS4, to play games like Overwatch, Minecraft, Eve: Valkyrie, House of the Dying Sun, Thumper, Elite Dangerous, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew (be warned: you might need virtual PC software for some of these titles).
Productivity is terrible
You aren't productive. You want to be. Reading about it won’t help. Reading about the tools to fix it and then using them will.
What Is The Best Calendar App For Mac?
Today, there’s no way we could recall for when exactly did we schedule that meeting four weeks ago, or whether our dentist appointment is coming up soon. That’s why we use calendar apps, which keep a perfect record of everything scheduled in our lives.
Best Video Downloaders for Mac
Whether to capture a few movies for an upcoming flight or save favorite clips to rewatch, Mac owners love downloaders. Check out the top apps for downloading from YouTube – fast and secure.
Top 3 Apps For Reading Books On Mac
While reading on dedicated devices, such as Kindle, Nook, or Kobo, now takes the top spot, with smartphones and tablets coming in second, reading books on Mac also has its own benefits, which have long been overlooked. Let’s see how and why you should read more on your Mac.
How To Use Night Shift For Mac The Right Way
What Mac Night Shift does is it helps alleviate the strain on your eyes when the environment around you gets darker (at night) and also doesn’t block the production of melatonin, which controls the quality of your sleep.
Digital nomadism: tips for traveling with your Mac and work remotely
See how you can travel the world while working remotely by leveraging the best that Mac apps have to offer.