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Setapp + The Ultimate Mac User Book

Ready to unleash the potential of your Mac? Get Setapp, a one-stop desktop suite that has 180+ apps in it. As a bonus, we’ll send you a free 500-page book, written with love for all Macs — especially yours.

Mac User Book for beginners and experts

Included with Setapp membership. Note that you’ll receive the book after your payment is confirmed.



$9.99 + TAX

How Setapp works

Sign up in a sec
7 days free, then $9.99 per month
Find apps for every job
180+ apps are yours — install as many as you want
Forget about updating apps. Setapp does it.
Setapp makes your Mac work, seamlessly
From the ebook, you’ll learn how to:
  • Set up your new Mac for years of use
  • Discover “Windows” alternatives for everything on Mac
  • Pick best applications for any job and pay less than they cost (or nothing)
  • Make the best use of macOS Catalina
  • Embrace new workflows for design, coding, writing, and more
  • Learn shortcuts and hacks to accelerate your work
  • Have fun. After all, Macs are not only about work.
The Ultimate Mac User Book
$9.99 + TAX
Sure, you can buy only the book. We’re sad you’ll miss the free gift, though.
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