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You create an app,
Setapp attracts users

Setapp is a platform for genuine creators. It covers the marketing and distribution of your app so you can focus on production and development.

Setapp for iOS apps |  coming soon

What you get with Setapp

High customer lifetime value

24 months is an average lifetime value of a Setapp client. So be ready to get your commission for the next 2 years.

Users can easily find your app

AppStore is so huge it's easy to get lost. Yet users easily find apps on Setapp. We create dedicated app collections for target users.

Continuous revenue stream

Our members pay monthly, so you get a revenue stream that never dries up.

Access to new customers

People who purchase the Setapp membership are brand loyal so you have a chance for growing even more.

Join a good company

25 handpicked apps from trusted vendors

  • Be the maker, not the marketer
  • Get predictable and recurring revenue
  • Increase the lifetime value of all your customers
  • Reach a whole new audience without a single ad
Collection of iOS apps vendors Collection of iOS apps vendors Collection of iOS apps vendors

Get up to 90% of revenue

We share 70% of each user fee among developers of the apps that were used by a particular customer. On top, we give a guaranteed 20% of a user fee to the Partner who has brought this particular user.

Different types of revenue Different types of revenue
Get your recurring revenue with Setapp.