GigEconomy is a new way to track, bill & invoice for your work.

GigEconomy is an awesome way for freelancers to track and bill for their time. With a slick user interface, it keeps out of your way, but gives you the features you need. Designed for freelancers, consultants, and anybody working in the "gig economy", you can set up as many clients as you like, with different hourly rates. When you're working, GigEconomy tracks time from your menu bar, logging every second worked, and assigning the time to the selected client. When you're ready to bill, GigEconomy creates a professional PDF invoice in a number of styles, ready to send off. You can manually add billing items too, for travel, entertainment, and other expenses. GigEconomy really takes the friction out of freelancing. Just set up a client, set your hourly rate, and every time you work for that client, just start billing and GigEconomy takes care of the rest. To help you keep track of your valuable clients, and as an instant visual reminder, GigEconomy changes color depending on what client you are billing at that time!
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Puntuación: 4.5/5
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Última versión: 1.0.25
Requisitos del sistema: Mac OS X 10.10+

Suena genial. Y va de maravilla.

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