Protecting your Mac from theft with a Beepify app

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So imagine you’re working in a cafe. You’ve already grabbed your coffee. The coziest spot in the room is yours. Your MacBook is on the desk, waiting for a splash of productivity. Then you suddenly realize you need a muffin. Desperately. You can’t resist the temptation, so you go to get it, leaving the MacBook unattended. Looks like an unhappy ending, right? This, in fact, is the real story behind creating Beepify, the app that protects your MacBook from theft in public places. 

The best anti-theft solution for Mac

Beepify does exactly what its name suggests — it beeps. Whenever someone tries to get his/her hands on your MacBook, Beepify beeps so loudly that it definitely alerts those who are around and scares off the thief. What’s more, the Beepify bot will instantly send you a message once the alarm goes off. Uncomplicated, yet super reliable. The app is available as an annual subscription for $14.99 per year, or as a part of the Setapp package — 7 days free, 170+ apps. Setapp subscription pricing starts at $9.99 per month. 

The easiest setup ever 

The creators of Beepify aimed at creating an app for a single job — keeping your Mac safe. So they made it as lightweight and focused as possible. Here’s the simple mechanism of setting up Beepify, the easiest anti-theft app to protect your Mac: 

  1. Install the app on your Mac — it will sit in your menu bar for a quick access. 
  2. You can set Beepify to play the alarm in three cases: When someone closes the screen, disconnects charger, or both. 
  3. Connect the app to one of your favorite messengers — works with Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Once the alert goes off, you’ll receive a push notification to the selected messenger. 

Get macOS Catalina for double protection

It’s better to prevent a theft rather than try to track down a stolen Mac. If you install Beepify and upgrade your Mac to macOS Catalina, you’ll be able to do both, though. With the release of macOS 10.15, you get access to Find My — an app that enables tracking your Mac via nearby devices. Whether it’s shut down or sleeping, Apple devices can spot your stolen computer by capturing Bluetooth signals. So there is no chance someone can succeed at stealing your Mac. 

While it’s easy to buy a new Mac, it’s not that easy to replace all the data and knowledge that you carry around — hidden inside your computer. Beepify makes sure you never lose your creations.

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