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Change the unchangeable with Nitro PDF Pro

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You can’t avoid working with PDFs. But what you can avoid is having problems with them. Intractable as they seem, PDFs are actually pretty easy to deal with – not without help, of course. When it comes to making changes in your docs, Nitro PDF Pro is a superstar PDF editor for macOS.

No more questions about how to edit a scanned PDF on Mac, sign your contract, or add missing pages. Here's how it works.

More than just a PDF editor

Nitro PDF Pro is a tool designed to make PDF as editable as any word processing document. With built-in OCR and endless editing capabilities, this app can easily process any changes. What’s more, you get an extra level of security to your docs with signature and redaction features — or, you can even encrypt your docs and disable access to your PDFs without authorizing with a digital ID first. 

Apply OCR and edit scanned PDF

Easily transform scanned documents into editable text, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). From there, you can take your PDF through any manipulations. Be it color adjustment, quick image resizing, or text correction, life gets easier here. Should your document require a major revision, Nitro PDF Pro will help you export it in .docx format for easy editing and sharing.

edit scanned PDF

Fill out PDF forms and securely sign them

The need-this-doc-signed-now problem is nothing new. Nitro PDF Pro takes the pressure off by helping you fill out, sign, and email your documents in no time. You can either scan in your signature or scribble it with a mouse or trackpad. In case you ever need to reuse a signature, you can store it in your Nitro PDF Pro library in a few clicks.

scan in your signature or scribble it with a mouse

Redact PDF and remove sensitive data

You don’t always want to share your entire PDF. And neither should you. Be it a surname, an account number, or a company name – Nitro PDF Pro will remove any sensitive information from your document. Permanently. This means you don’t just place a black box over text and (naively) believe it’s hidden. With this app, redacted means gone.

To easily find and remove data throughout a document, choose Edit > Find > Find and Redact.

remove sensitive data

Gain full control over pages

So imagine you’ve finally finished that super-duper important contract for your client. Polished copy, professional looking PDF – you’re all set. Except one page is missing (last minute discovery, of course). With Nitro PDF Pro, you not only get to add and remove pages painlessly – inserting page numbers, reorganizing, measuring distances, and combining docs with drag and drop has never been easier.

merge pdf files

Whatever PDF pain points you have, Nitro PDF Pro is there to make it your favorite file format – fluid, editable, and well protected. Try the app for free on Setapp.

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