Learn chemistry at last with the Periodic Table Chemistry app


The periodic table is one of the most enduring symbols of scientific knowledge. It’s also the bane of high school and college students everywhere.

How To memorize the periodic table of elements 5X faster?

The venerable chart is unfortunately a product of the analog age — it’s arrangement is confusing, it’s hard to decode, and it’s too big to fit on crib notes. If only someone could update the periodic table for the digital age, to make it smoother and more intuitive!

Fortunately, someone did. Periodic Table Chemistry is a chemist app that gives this dusty table some much-needed polish. A lightweight, information-rich utility built for students and professionals alike, it’s able to display complete information about each element, showcase different affinity groups within the table while providing insights into atomic structures.

It can’t do your chem homework for you, but it can definitely give you a leg up. Here’s what Periodic Table Chemistry has to offer.

Learn the periodic table in a new way

This scientific software is built around a beautiful, easy-to-read rendering of the periodic table. It showcases all 118 elements in the standard view, with the option to take a closer look at any element or group. A quick click on the beaker icon reveals a chart of the polyatomic ions for easy reference.

Break down the table into families

The tabs running across the top of the screen help subdivide the periodic table by family. Click them to highlight groups like Earth Metals, Noble Gases, and Actinides. This is helpful for understanding of how the elemental groups fit together.

Sort by any attribute

In addition to the accepted elemental families, the app also highlights elemental groups by their functions or properties. Use the square buttons at the top of the screen to see which elements exhibit radioactivity, or to see them ranked by electron affinity or atomic radius.

Zoom into the elements

Periodic Table Chemistry also offers a deep dive into individual elements. Click an element and a diagram of its electron shells will appear. The tab at left will populate with in-depth information, including its atomic mass, melting and boiling points, and oxidation states.

Periodic Table Chemistry is a brilliant chemist app available on Setapp and has your back whether you’re trying to scrape a C or earn an advanced degree. Think of it as an updated, easy-to-read reboot of a classic, so you can geek out in style.

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