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Unique AI features added to your favorite photo editor

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There’s no definition of beautiful. Unless you’re a pro photographer. For many, inability to reach the desired effect with photo editing means they either choose lesser of two evils or keep switching between different software. But not for you – in a moment, you’ll find out how to enhance and add features to the photo editor you love.

Luminar, refining your images

Based on the power of Luminar – AI-fueled software for photographers, Luminar Flex is rich on effects that other editors often miss. From unique Luminar looks to AI filters with masks. The tool works as a photo editing plugin, an instant source of enhancements that are all yours.

luminar flex enchancer

Apart from the abundance of features, the experience of using Luminar Flex is nothing short of awesome. Easily navigate between four panels – Looks, Filters, History, and Compare. It’s smooth, fast, and not getting into the way of your original software.

Works with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Photos

What else should we say. Not only does Luminar Flex complement and improve Apple’s native photo editor, it also supports universally-loved Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Layers and blending modes for Lightroom, Smart Objects for Photoshop – it’s about integrating the top features of Luminar into your workflow.  

Exclusive looks and filters, nearly unlimited

70+ built-in Looks, and even more available for download. Based on the style and mood of your images, pick the ones that fit the story. Next thing, experiment with creative thematic and smart filters to remove color cast, dehaze, hone details, or simply beautify your images even more. As a nice perk, each of the filters can be aligned with a mask.

Let AI do the job      

A pro photographer or an amateur, you won’t face any problems with manually editing images. But if you wish, Luminar Flex can do this for you. Utilize smart AI modules the plugin inherited from Luminar photo editor:

  • AI Sky Enhancer perfects skies in your photos.

  • Accent AI automatically fixes color, depth, tone, and any small details.

  • Foliage Enhancer seamlessly handles foliage and greenery.

Dive into purpose-built workspaces

For experienced users and those who know the robes in editing with Luminar, there are curated collections of tools called workspaces. These cover anything from genre-specific to professional toolkits. Inside the Portrait workspace, for example, you’ll find Accent AI, Soft Glow, High Key, LUT Mapping, and anything you need to enhance a portrait. So no digging around.

Add Luminar’s touch to your favorite photo editing software in one plugin install. You can quickly grab it on Setapp and change the way you edit photo – for the better.

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