Luminar Flex

Luminar Flex

Luminar Flex – a new plugin that helps extend your photo editing experience

Luminar Flex offers unique and powerful editing features to help photographers elevate the creativity of their images. It features incredible adjustments and effects that can’t be found anywhere else. Luminar Flex plugin fits into almost every photographer’s workflow, integrating with third-party tools like Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop Elements and Photos for macOS. Unlock beautiful images with creative filters and Looks Luminar offers more than 50 filters for corrections and enhancements, but one area it shines is offering expanded creative options. Users will find useful filters and stylized Luminar Looks available nowhere else to give their images a unique appearance: Accent AI: Automatically analyzes and corrects photographs using more than a dozen controls at once. Accent AI can be a great substitute for several traditional controls such as shadows, highlights, contrast and more. Think of it as the best Auto button you’ve ever clicked, but you still maintain control. AI Sky Enhancer: Turn gray and uninspired skies into something magical with AI Sky Enhancer. By automatically detecting the sky in a photograph, AI Sky Enhancer makes the necessary adjustments to increase color, clarity, and detail, allowing to boost your outdoor images with a single slider. Details Enhancer: Creates dramatic photos with crystal-clear sharpness. This filter unlocks details for sharp looking images without halos or artifacts. Golden Hour: Brings a warm-toned sunlit effect to your photo. This filter emulates the shooting conditions when the sun is low on the horizon (such as shortly after sunrise or before sunset). This indirect light helps make even dull photos warmer and more dimensional. LUT Mapping: Apply Lookup Table (LUT) files for creative color grading and film stock emulation. In addition to the AI-powered features that Luminar Flex offers, you can also speed up your workflow by using Workspaces, which are collections of filters associated with specific types of photography. By using built-in Workspaces, or organizing their favorite filters into a custom Workspace, photo editors can realize time-savings and better workflow organization. Luminar Looks allow for quick, customizable edits with the click of a button. These save time and provide for wide-ranging creative opportunities. Adjust the looks the taste with the strength slider or customize the filer recipe. Skylum partners with top photographers and image editors to design new Looks. Yet another benefit of Luminar Plugin for Lightroom users is an ability to use Layers and Blending modes. With Adjustment Layers it’s easy to apply any of the filters to flexible layers. These as well as textures can be mixed with blending modes for new results or have their opacity adjusted for mixing things together. It is also possible to use textures, images, masks and more for the ultimate in creative filtering.
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Luminar Flex
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