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PHOTOLEMUR 3 makes your photos great automatically. It is the fastest and easiest way to make all your photos look great, using the power of Artificial Intelligence. No complex sliders. No waste of time. No complex learning. Get flawless raw support and picture-perfect enhancement in seconds. Photolemur brings the revolution to photo editing. With Photolemur you don't need to mess with sliders or waste your time to get pro-looking images. Load your photos - get great results! Most people want to make their photos better but not everyone can afford expensive gear or wants to spend hours editing photos. And not everyone wants to learn what curves and layers are. Photolemur is an automated photo assistant that enhances your images as a professional photographer, but faster and with no effort required from you. This is the first photo enhancer that can actually think for itself. WHAT DOES PHOTOLEMUR 3 DO • Automatically analyzes problematic areas on your photos • Automatically applies the necessary fixes and makes photos look great • Automatically detects & fixes faces, objects, greenery, colors and so on • Processes dozens of photos at the same time using 12 smart imaging technologies • Supports Raw and all other popular formats HOW IT WORKS Photolemur has 12 smart technologies that help it to automatically analyze and adjust your photos. From faces and objects to colors, foliage, and the sky, it understands it all. And it works its tech magic from there. PHOTOLEMUR 3 allows casual photographers to achieve professional results without no extra hassle. The whole photo enhancement process with Photolemur has this three simple steps: STEP 1: Drop one or many images of any kind into the Photolemur app. STEP 2: The Photolemur's smart engine starts to process your images. Watch the magic of the process. STEP 3: Define the final look of your photos with the new smart opacity slider. TECHNOLOGIES INSIDE • Face Retouching • Color Recovery brings back bright, vivid colors of real life • Sky Enhancement automatically detects & enhances the sky • Exposure Compensation makes dark images brighter & vice versa • Smart Dehaze protects your images from haziness or fog • Natural Light Correction keeps the appropriate warm or cool tones • Foliage Enhancer compensates the lost colors on greenery • Smart Denoise automatically eliminates noise on low-light photos • Tint perfection deliver the right tint • Face Retouching detects the face and fixes imperfections • JPG Fix corrects mistakes on the JPG images & eliminates artifacts • RAW Converter makes your Raw shots look their best. AUTOMATIC BULK PICTURE ENHANCING Photolemur meant to dramatically simplify batch image editing: enhance all your images at once, process RAW files, work with any volume of images
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