Alternote — the powerful note-taking app with native support for Markdown

Alternote is a straightforward Evernote client that lets you compose, manage, and search your notes with ease. It syncs directly with your Evernote account, meaning that your work is saved on Evernote’s servers, but provides a slick, intuitive interface. Whether you’re trying to track down notes from years ago or are looking for a writing app with minimal distractions, Alternote is definitely worth a try. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

Notebooks - the best way to take notes

When you sync with your Evernote, you’ll have the option to import as many of your existing notebooks as you’d like. You can create more as needed with the “new notebook” button. If you need to search for a note within a particular notebook, enter keywords you’re looking for in that notebook’s search bar. If you’re not sure which notebook contains the item you’re looking for, click the “All Notes” tab, which lets you search all your notebooks at once.

Composing notes

To create a new note, click the “+” at the top right of your notebook. The app’s word processor is designed to eliminate clutter; you can enter a special “distraction-free mode” by clicking the icon  in the upper-right corner. This will hide your notebooks and other menus, giving you a writing environment that lets you focus on the words. You can also use the “A” icon to adjust font and size, and to toggle between “day” and “night” modes—night mode’s darker palette can be easier on tired eyes.

Web-readiness and Markdown options

When whatever you’re working on is ready for primetime, you can optimize it for the web with Markdown formatting. Markdown options appear once you’ve highlighted a text, and let you attach links, adjust styling, and create lists and bullets. This gives you peace of mind about how your text will look regardless of where it appears. You can show off your work with the “share” button, which creates a shareable public link and copies it right to your clipboard.

Stars and tags to organize your notes

As you build up a body of work, organization becomes important. Search terms can be helpful, but the app gives you other options for keeping track of key notes. Consider using the “star” feature for important notes; you’ll always be able to access them under the “starred” tab at far left. You can also create and apply custom tags to group notes together by type or content, even if they’re in different notebooks. You can enter tags for a note at the bottom of the screen and search by tags in the left-hand bar.

Alternote gets out of the way, giving you a seamless writing environment and an intuitive way to find the notes you need. With its built-in Markdown features, you can take your writing from rough draft to polished piece without ever changing apps.