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Block annoying browser ads

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Бесплатно в течение 7 дней, а после – 9,99 $ в месяц.
Block pop-ups and banner ads
Stop videos from autoplaying
Set up your own filtering parameters
Enjoy distraction-free browsing

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AdLock через Setapp

Block annoying browser ads

Filter your browsing experience with AdLock — a simple blocker for intrusive pop-up ads, annoying online chats, snoopers, and trackers. Save traffic on autoplay videos and remove unwanted distractions by blocking out ad types you’d like to avoid.
4.5 / 5
915 оценок
версия требуется macOS 10.15

Ключевые функции AdLock

Block intrusive ads

Surf the web the way you want — block annoying pop-ups and banner ads. Use AdLock to quickly save traffic data and stop unwanted interruptions by also blocking autoplay videos.

Browse safely

Protect your data and privacy by using AdLock to protect against trackers and analytical systems. The app helps hide your browser settings from advertisers. Use AdLock for additional protection from scammers, phishing, or malicious websites.

Use flexible blocking

Block only the ads you deem dangerous, set exact blocking rules for commercial content you access through your browsers. Turn DNS, HTTPS, EV certificate filtering on or off at your own discretion.

Remove distractions

Reclaim your time and attention span from online chats, callback forms, notifications, and other time-wasters popping up on the web pages you visit.

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4.5 / 5
915 оценок
версия требуется macOS 10.15
через + 230 программ.