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Take Control of Your Wireless Devices on macOS

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View battery level of wireless peripherals
Connect and disconnect devices
Get low battery alerts
Hand off wireless devices to other Macs

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AirBuddy через Setapp

Take Control of Your Wireless Devices on macOS

Monitor and manage your wireless devices with this smart helper. AirBuddy lives in your menu bar and provides a quick look at your wireless devices’ battery statuses, supports quick action shortcuts for connecting or disconnecting your devices, and more.
4.5 / 5
915 оценок
версия 2.5.3 требуется macOS 11.0

Ключевые функции AirBuddy

View battery status

A simple click on an icon in your menu bar will show you a list of wireless devices connected to your Mac along with their battery statuses. Monitor the state of charge of your wireless fleet at a glance. You can also access this information about peripherals of your other Macs that are close by and have AirBuddy on.

Get battery alerts

Get notifications when your devices’ batteries are low as well as when charging is complete. Customize the thresholds to your preference and never find yourself in a bind to charge your devices. What’s more, your settings will sync across your Macs.

Control with quick actions

Control your wireless devices with quick actions in AirBuddy — customize keyboard shortcuts to quickly view your peripherals’ status, toggle listening modes, set to automatically connect to headsets nearby, and more handy features for quick wireless device management.

Add to Shortcuts

The app also supports actions in the Shortcuts app. Check connection state of your wireless peripherals, battery charge level, connect or disconnect your devices, all through convenient shortcuts in your Mac’s Shortcuts app.

Hand off your wireless devices

Hand off wireless devices connected to your Mac to other Macs also running AirBuddy in just a click. The feature works with your Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad.

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4.5 / 5
915 оценок
версия 2.5.3 требуется macOS 11.0
через + 230 программ.