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Ключевые функции QuickLens

QuickLens combines a range of tools (Lens, Ruler, Frame, Guide, Monocle, and Crosshair) into one smart solution for inspecting UI. Zoom into pixels, measure dimensions, sample colors, and so much more. QuickLens tools work on a desktop level, staying on top of all your apps.

Lens: Zoom UI to pixel level

With up to 64X zoom, Lens makes it easy to explore every pixel of your UI and measure pixel areas. And that’s only part of it. Sample colors, curate palettes, switch between color profiles and check your colors against the background. Color palettes can be exported to HTML or JSON.

Ruler: Precise measurements

Measure vertical or horizontal distances — and even angles — with Ruler. You can use up to 4 rulers at the same time, each measuring different UI elements. Switch between units of measurement: from pixels to inches to centimeters to millimeters. Angles can be measured in degrees or radians.

Frame: Overlay grids

Explore ready-to-use overlay grid presets or set up your own grids with rows and columns. You can also use the Frame tool to check dimensions and aspect ratios, and even capture snapshots and videos with the overlay grids. Golden Ratio (spirals) is supported too.

Guide: Check layouts

Similar to Photoshop Guides, but better. Working across all your apps and websites, the tool lets you set up vertical and horizontal guides to check layouts anywhere. You can also check distances between your guides, lock, snap, or delete in a click. Manage your guides in the Guide Panel.

Monocle: Presentation tool

From 1X to 32X, zoom in on any part of the screen to showcase specific elements of the UI. You can even dim the rest of the screen to bring attention to the highlighted spot. Customize your monocle area by switching between different sizes and shapes (rectangle, circle, or square).

Crosshair: Alignments and dimensions

Use the Crosshair mode to inspect different aspects of your UI in real time: capture distances between UI elements, check bounding boxes, and measure alignments on the go. With QuickLens at your hand, you can create pixel-perfect designs faster than ever before.

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