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photo editor,portrait editor,photo filters,image editor,Lightroom,Photoshop,raw

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Luminar Luminar

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Luminar через Setapp

photo editor,portrait editor,photo filters,image editor,Lightroom,Photoshop,raw

Luminar is your photo editing superpower. It will help turn your images into masterpieces with its vast collection of pro presets, filters, and enhancements. Make instant changes to your photos for unparalleled results with Luminar’s rich collection of intuitive editing tools to enhance, improve, and refine any of your photographs.
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915 оцінок
версія 4.3.3 необхідно macOS 10.12

Особливості Luminar

Portrait enhancement

Use AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer to turn your portrait shots into the flawless images everyone will love. Make realistic tweaks to your portraits with advanced AI tools and enjoy beautiful shots that look amazing regardless of how much sleep your subjects have had.

Smart contrast

A vivid and detailed picture is always the most desired outcome for your photography, but simply increasing photo brightness can leave you with a noisy and unnatural texture to your image. Explore Smart Contrast tool in this beloved photo editor for Mac to preserve the colors and detail in your enhanced image, ensuring it remains realistic and lifelike.

Erasing unwanted objects

Nothing ruins a picture like a random item or person entering the frame somewhere in the background. No matter how much you try to avoid this during shooting, sometimes the best shot is just the one with a random item in its background. Don’t let anything stain your perfect photo with Luminar’s handy Erase tool.

Noise removal

Poorly lit subjects, zoomed-in shots, or bad cameras are a recipe for noisy, low-quality photos. But even they can be salvaged by Luminar. Use the photo editor’s Denoise feature to smoothly erase the pesky digital noise from those of your images that came out a touch too noisy for your taste.

AI sky replacement

The sky can make or break your photo. Deploy AI Sky Replacement tool to replace dull skies in your photos and change the mood of your pictures instantly. Bright blue sky, dramatic sunset, or colorful sunset clouds can appear in your image at the click of a mouse.

Augmenting the sky

Take your sky editing even further with AI Augmented Sky tool. If you are looking to create an out of this world image, it’s the feature you didn’t know you needed. The tool will help add glorious effects to your image – fireworks, northern lights, and even bring the Moon so close you can almost touch it.

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4.5 / 5
915 оцінок
версія 4.3.3 необхідно macOS 10.12
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