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MathKey converts your handwriting to LaTeX, MathML or images.

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MathKey MathKey

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MathKey через Setapp

MathKey converts your handwriting to LaTeX, MathML or images.

Don’t let the interface of keyboards and calculators get in the way of your genius, or your reports. Handwrite math with your mouse, Apple Pencil, or trackpad, then let MathKey convert your finished work into digital LaTeX, MathML, or images right away. When you’re done, simply drag and drop the results onto your document, presentation, or message.
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версія 1.1.1 необхідно macOS 10.11

Особливості MathKey

Be free to just write

MathKey was designed to let mathematics flow naturally, like in the old days. When complex typesetting, equations, and expressions are difficult to produce quickly by keyboard, let your hand do the work instead. MathKey opens in your favorite editor and lets you free-write wherever you are, ready for digital conversion.

Enjoy award-winning recognition

Powered by the award-winning MyScript Interactive Ink technology, MathKey accurately detects and converts your handwriting. The app is even smart enough to recognize a multiline equation, where most others would see a fraction. MyScript has been augmented to work with the most complex math, so all you have to do is create.

Save as LaTeX, MathML, or image

Transform your work into plain text LaTeX code, MathML, or even an image for maximum compatibility with your workflow. Once converted, simply copy and paste or drag and drop the file into your working document. MathKey also lets you export both plain text and images as any color you need to match your existing formatting.

Reports and documents made simple

Produce a professional, accurate, and completely standardized scientific or mathematical report that will impress your peers, tutors, and colleagues. No more wasting time trying to find the correct expression or key. Simply open MathKey inside of your editor as a pop-up, write your expression, and then convert it right there in your document.

Work remotely from any iOS device

Connect to the MathKey website by scanning a QR code, and you'll be able to save your work to any device. Write on your iPhone or iPad, making the most of their touchscreens, then the LaTeX, MathML, or image conversion will appear on your Mac. Perfect for working on the go, outdoors, or from the comfort of your lounge.

Fly through the intuitive interface

Work quickly without complex options and toolsets getting in your way. MathKey was designed to be lightweight and simple — a clean pop-up that overlays on top of you work, with plenty of blank space to write. There’s even a dark mode for working at night. When finished, there are just a few buttons to choose from. Select your output and your color, then you’re ready to carry on.

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4.5 / 5
915 оцінок
версія 1.1.1 необхідно macOS 10.11
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