Being a writer isn't that fancy as people imagine. This work often comes with writer's block, inability to focus, and, let's admit it, routine and monotony. This article took a couple of hours and a cistern of coffee to focus on writing!

Fortunately, with little helpers – book writing apps for Mac in particular – we can combat distraction, lack of concentration, and creativity at zero. 

This post will review six types of book writing software for Mac from Setapp for Teams. Setapp for Teams is a curated collection of Mac applications for nearly every task: from productivity and software development to book writing and home design. By subscribing to the service, you and your team can get unlimited access to the best book writing software for Mac and more. Now let's review the apps from our guide.


Ulysses is an award-winning application (Best of Apple Design Awards 2016, Best of App Store 2016) for writing and markdown editing. Indeed, its simple and sleek design replaces an old-fashioned typewriter and makes you feel like Hemingway. Just you and a plain piece of paper: what can be better?

Ulysses offers a built-in markdown editor that will turn your plain text into the markdown code if you're writing for the web. Also, the application allows you to export your text in popular formats like PDF, EPUB, HTML, and .docx. Finally, Ulysses integrates with WordPress and Medium, so you don't need to prepare your blog posts for publication. The application uploads the post automatically, keeping the formatting. 

What else can we say? If you haven't used Ulysses on your Mac, you can hardly be considered a real writer. Jokes ahead, this book writing app for Mac allows you to focus on the important and manage web content with a built-in markdown editor like a pro. Our marketing team totally recommends it.


PDFpen is like a Swiss army knife for PDF documents and paperless document flow. If you're composing a book in a PDF format, this app will help you out. Here's what you can do with PDFpen:

  • Add page numbers, headers, and footers

  • Add watermarks to protect the copyright

  • Add new text blocks, images, and signatures

  • Add and remove pages, images, text blocks, and more with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

If you decide to go paperless, the built-in OCR will help you turn scanned documents into digital copies. Just like with a real scanner, you can set up an optimal resolution, contrast, and image quality.

Final verdict: PDFpen is an ultimate PDF editing and OCR tool that helps you compose a book, guide, manual, or anything you need in a digital format.


Sometimes we wonder, what classic books would be like if their authors had tools like Marked? One thing is for sure: they would be much shorter, more concise, and to the point. 

Luckily, we have Marked. Marked is one of the best book writing software on Mac that combines an advanced editing tool and Markdown editor.

Marked keeps track of the number of words and symbols, detects spelling and grammar inconsistencies and recommends sentence optimization. It's like little Hemingway on your Mac, but better. Hemingway didn't know the languages like Markdown in HTML; the Marked app converts plain text in popular markup languages and finds inconsistencies in the Markdown.


In the past, people would keep a journal to self-reflect and keep good memories at hand. Today, therapists recognize the benefits of journaling. This practice helps relieve stress, improve memory, and boost creativity. 

With Diarly, journaling becomes even more pleasant and faster. Get this beautiful minimalistic application to write your thoughts on the go, set journaling goals, and track your writing progress. 

Remember old-fashioned diaries with a lock and a key? Diarly protects your journals even better with cross-device password encryption. 


Do you still use Word or Google Docs for writing? Get yourself Strike – the best app to write a book on Mac. 

Strike comes with advanced spelling and grammar checker, autocorrection, and smart customizable functions to format the text on the fly out of the box. Like most of the applications we've mentioned above, Strike includes a Markdown editor with a helpful checker.

The irreplaceable part of writing is collaborative editing and proofreading. When you're through, send your text to up to 10 people that can simultaneously edit the document. Finally, the Strike app has version control, so you can always restore a previous version of a copy. 


Manuscripts is a one-of-a-kind application for academic writing.

As a rule, academic papers are bulky and nested. Their structure is complicated. Lots of diagrams, tables, and visual elements require focus and formatting skills. The Manuscripts app does the heavy lifting with all of these issues and offers version control to have a backup plan just in case.

On top of that, Manuscripts handles one of the nitty-grittiest parts: citation and bibliographic formatting with built-in Manuscripts AppleScript API.

On Setapp for Teams, everyone – from a student and amateur writer to an academic and professional writer – can find a handy book writing app for Mac. To make the right choice, go to Setapp for Teams and subscribe to use mentioned applications for free within a 14-day trial period.