When you're moving to a new home or selling an apartment, you wish it was as easy as playing Sims. In real life, tasks like organizing your inventory or creating a home plan aren't so exciting. Fortunately, with home design software for Mac, you can turn your home project into something exciting. 

We've prepared the list of best interior design software for Mac on Setapp for Teams – a platform with Mac-only applications for teams, families, and individual use. Let's check them out.

Home Inventory

The name of the Home Inventory app speaks for itself. This application is your helper in cataloging your home inventory and creating a catalog of your belongings. 

You can label each item in your catalog with essential information like purchase date, brand, price, images, and more. Then, organize items into lists, so all of your kitchen items or living room furniture won't get lost.

On top of that, Home Inventory allows you to secure the items and lists with a password and create backups on popular cloud services like Dropbox.

The Home Inventory app also allows you to build reports and get insights on the net worth of your inventory, number of belongings, insurance details, and more. 

This is a suitable tool for people that frequently move home and want to keep track of their inventory. You can also use it as your asset tracking tool or as a catalog of things you'd like to sell or upcycle. Whatever purpose you use Home Inventory for, you'll get pleasure from its sleek interface and simple navigation.


Even though SheetPlanner isn't a classic home design software for Mac, you still can use this versatile tool for home refurbishment, major overhaul, redesign, and more. 

The SheetPlanner combines several tools at once. It's a task tracker, project management, and event scheduling app. It allows you to build Gantt-chart like diagrams to track the progress of your project, set the milestones, and navigate through your projects.

With SheetPlanner, you aren't limited to a specic type of a project. The app helps you build complex long-term projects, create simple checklists, keep your job estimates at hand, manage your schedule, and so on.

SheetPlanner is a simple yet powerful application for occasions like home refurbishment, so you can visualize the project's progress and keep track of tasks completion. Moreover, you can use SheetPlanner as a classic project management tool for small projects.


After home refurbishement or decoration, you might want to demonstrate the result to the whole world. Instagram is a perfect place to showcase your works or simply brag a little bit.

Grids is a desktop replacement of Instagram on your Mac. Finally, you don't have to leave your laptop to post a picture and get likes!

The Grids app extends the web version of Instagram and provides you with a full-fledged desktop Instagram tool straight on your computer. Here's what you can do:

  • Post photos and photo carousels with geotags, hashtags, and automatic reposts to other social media profiles.

  • Post stories with full-fledged functionality.

  • Switch between multiple accounts.

  • Browse through other profiles and interact with them.

  • Message on the Instagram chat.

Whether you use Grids to showcase your home design works or for your personal needs, this desktop Instagram manager will always come in handy.

Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher is one of the best interior design software for Mac and beyond. This is a complete publisher tool with more than 700 ready-made layouts and 2000 clipart images to create any kind of designs: from leaflets and flyers to envelopes and calendars.

Swift Publisher is a helpful tool for home designers, architects, and anyone who needs to create a home plan and visualize it beautifully. Both amateurs and professionals appreciate Swift Publisher for its advanced text editing features, graphic design elements, and exporting features to all popular kinds of a digital format.

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