The role of an office manager can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when it comes to onboarding new team members. We bet every office manager's nightmare is to forget to introduce a newbie to some of the workflows, team chats, and documents, not to mention tacit knowledge and rules. With remote workstyle, the office manager's life doesn't get any easier. 

Here at Setapp for Teams, we've gathered the A-list of Mac applications for office managers that help with employee onboarding, team communication, and task management. Now less talk, more action. Let's check them out:


Meeter is one of the stars on our application "starter pack". The idea is simple: the app pulls meetings from your calendars, chats, notes, and other communications and gathers them in one place. Thus, Meeter is a lifesaver for teams with remote workers, contractors, freelancers, and other members that use a galore of different conferencing and messenger tools. Meeter plugs in more than 30 communication tools in one. Think about it: no need to install and maintain apps to connect with each team member. On top of that, you can use features like Speed Dial for quick 1:1 meetings, joining a call from any convenient platform or a browser, and more.


Everyone takes notes on the native Mac's application. However, fewer people know about handy applications like SideNotes. The concept of SideNotes is straightforward: it allows you to take notes on the side of your monitor without any distraction. Adjust the appearance of the application so it's always at hand and doesn't conflict with the rest of your apps. Paste images, text, code snippets, or even markdown to SideNotes and share them with your team members through native Messengers, Reminders, Notes, and Dropshare apps. 


How many times have you lost a train of thought just because you didn't have a convenient mind-mapping tool at hand? With MindNode, your brainstorming sessions and strategic meetings won't be the same.

Build beautiful mind maps with ready-made MindNode smart layouts, or create your own intellectual maps with stickers, themes, and unique styles. It takes minutes to get through MindNode and learn how to make new connections and unmerge the existing ones.

Work from any Apple device: either iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Apple Watch. After all, who knows when you'll have another stroke of genius?


Developing excellent time management skills is a struggle, but not with Timing. This time tracker does all the magic, while you only have to concentrate on tasks that matter. 

You don't need to track the time you've spent on browsing the internet, doing actual work, or using a specific application. Timing tracks each activity separately: a website, application, or communication with a client in a messenger. Moreover, you can track off-Mac activities like meetings and phone calls to get the full picture of your working day.

The app builds vivid reports based on specific preferences like days of the week, activities, etc. Whether you're a control freak or just a time-management pro, you'll be amazed by Timing capabilities.


2Do isn't your average task tracker. 2Do is all about customization and adjusting to your particular needs. Divide bulky tasks into smaller chunks, set up their frequency, and add supporting information for each event. Then, organize tasks into to-do lists with categories like work, business, shopping, and more.

Accidents happen, but not with 2Do. The application does automatic backups and synchronizes all your data in the cloud, so you don't miss or lose important things.

This isn't the full list of useful Mac apps for office managers. Our bundle of Mac applications has even more to offer. Anyone at your office – from a software developer and project manager to UX designer and software tester – can pick tools that'll make their work easier and less routine. The best part? You can try Setapp for Teams within 2 weeks for free.