In a nutshell, we can divide all data storage and processing systems into simple and complex databases. An average user works with simple databases almost every day, using Spreadsheets or Excel. Such databases obviously can't provide enough data storage and processing of the user data.

That's why complex databases that include relational, non-relational, and database management systems (DBMSs) are for commercial usage. DBMSs like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle can store a massive amount of data and provide high performance, scalability, and security.

Oracle Database (Oracle DB) is a relational DBMS developed by Oracle Corporation. Enterprises use the Oracle database to build and maintain highly scalable applications for transactions processing, data storage, business intelligence, and more.

To use the Oracle database on macOS, software developers opt for tools like Oracle Instant Client for macOS. This native client performs faster than the GUI environment, connects with cloud databases, and includes extra tools like SQL Plus for convenient data access.

Another way to work with Oracle databases on your Mac is to use SQLPro Studio, the full-fledged database management system (DBMS) and an Oracle Mac client. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at all features that make SQLPro Studio a great alternative to the Oracle Instant Client. 

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SQLPro Studio – an alternative Oracle Mac client

Out of the box, SQLPro Studio supports the management of popular relational databases like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, and more. Software engineers appreciate SQLPro for its simple interface, performance, and ability to execute multiple queries and get the results simultaneously.

If you still hesitate to install Oracle client on Mac, check out five benefits of SQLPro.

#1. Native Mac application

SQLPro is a native Mac Oracle client GUI, so you don't need Java to run it. As a result, the tool impresses developers with its blazing speed, stable performance, lack of bugs, and zero hangups. 

#2. Cloud services support

This Oracle Mac client supports numerous cloud services and databases like AWS, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, SnowflakeDB, and more. Working with cloud services, SQLPro keeps the same speed and performance, just like with local SQL services.

#3. Syntax management

One of the most remarkable features of SQLPro its bundle of handy syntax tools that allow you to write clean, maintainable code. To help you keep up with KISS, DRY, and YAGNI principles, SQLPro offers:

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Autocomplete feature

  • Detection of query errors

  • Beautifier of SQL queries.

#4. Stylish interface

SQLPro comes with a tab-based interface, making it easy to navigate through information-cluttered databases. 

If you like stylish interfaces, you can opt for several options: set up dark mode for better readability, go for light mode, or completely customize a theme to your taste. 

#5. Multiple formatting

SQLPro supports the formatting of multiple cells. This convenient feature makes it easier to work with several cells at once. This Mac client also supports the instant display of results for each database you're working with.

Currently, you can get SQLPro Studio at $15.99 per month, $99.99 per year, or get a lifetime subscription at $219. 

Or, you can make a smart choice and get SQLPro for free within 14 days on Setapp for teams. After a trial with your team, you'll be able to weigh all pros and cons of this Oracle Mac client and continue subscription to use SQLPro and other macOS apps