Are you tired of keeping all of your working processes and artifacts in spreadsheets? If your answer is "yes", then keep on reading. This guide will help you choose the best workflow management software for routine tasks, like meeting management and communication. The mentioned tools are perfect for small and medium teams. However, we don't limit you since this simple workflow management software is suitable for everyone who wants to get rid of the routine.

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Now let's check out some of the workflow process management software we've prepared for you.


Some people consider emails obsolete; we think emails are the king of business communication. With an email client like Newton, your mail communication becomes more pleasant than before. 

Once you and your team start using Newton, you get a messenger-like experience and complete control of your email communication. For example, Newton shows the email status: once the letter is open, you'll get the notification.

If you're working with colleagues from different time zones, which is expected during the #WFH and pandemics, you can set up the mailout timing, so the recipient gets it during active working hours.

Also, emails with dates, notifications, and agendas are collected in a separate Recap section. That's how you keep your essentials at hand.


The following workflow management system software from our list is Meeter. Probably, you know how frustrating it is when you need to maintain your calendar manually. Copying and pasting meetings from different calendars, emails, and notes can be a natural time killer. 

Meeter solves this issue by collecting meeting appointments from all of your communications and calendars. Once you're all set, you stay in the application to keep conversations going. Meeter supports more than 30 web conferencing and messenger platforms, so you don't have to switch between endless apps.

If you work with geographically dispersed teams, freelancers, or simply lots of people, Meeter will come in handy. The app gathers all of your meetings in one place without extra work, helps you keep the most important contacts on a speed dial, and even customize the way you'll get connected to a specific meeting: for example, with audio-only.

World Clock Pro

As the name suggests, World Clock Pro is a powerful tool to keep track of global time. Like Meeter, this application is an irreplaceable tool for managers dealing with two challenges: remote teams and different time zones.

The application won't let you confuse the correct appointment time thanks to these key features:

  • Adding the locations you work with to your app and tracking the local time.

  • Visualization of time zones and time gaps between them.

  • Time zone converter.

  • Local weather.

  • TouchBar support for effortless access.

As you can see, World Clock Pro is a silver bullet to all tasks connected with aligning local times and meetings. 


Last but not least is iMeetingX. This workflow management software combines best practices of Gettings Things Done (GTD) methodology and workflow management. As a result, you don't need multiple tools to keep up with your tasks, meetings, and appointments.

iMeetingX integrates with multiple third-party apps like Calendar and Contacts to keep a list of meeting participants at hand and quickly invite them or send the minutes of meetings (MoM). By the way, you can use ready-made templates for MoM, meeting agendas, etc.

Out of the box, iMeetingX comes with a built-in task tracker and a neat project management tool to align all of your tasks and communications in one place.

Who's the target audience of the iMeetingX tool? Anyone involved with frequent web conferencing, team management, and project management.

Wrapping up

As a project manager or a team leader, you need loads of tools to keep up with daily tasks. From Zoom and Google Meet to Calendar, your working day revolves around people and communication. 

Luckily, your Mac and subscription to Setapp for Teams can supercharge your routine. Try our Setapp for free within a 14-day trial period with your team, and your life won't be the same