What comes to your mind when you think of an integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac? We bet the first thing that came to your mind was Xcode, and we understand why. This IDE covers all development operations, including application testing, asset management, and uploading it to the App Store. On top of that, Xcode supports plenty of backend programming languages like Ruby, Objective-C, and C++ and contains a free GNU Compiler Collection. 

If everything is so perfect with this IDE tool, why would we bother writing the article with Xcode alternatives? In fact, Xcode disappoints developers with a lack of documentation and community support when it comes to solving issues, tedious application export to a device, slow work with Storyboards, sudden crashes, and more.

Luckily, Xcode isn't the only IDE out there. On Setapp for Teams, you can pick an alternative to Xcode for Mac and other useful applications that help development teams become more productive than ever. Let's check out four Xcode alternatives from our curated collection.

Sketch Export for Xcode

Forget about the color export routine from Sketch to Xcode. Once you drag and drop a Sketch file to the application, you'll see a full list of colors available for export. This tool eases UI designers’ lives that don't need to worry about the accuracy of color export and dig into Xcode development. Developers like Sketch Export for Xcode or its simplicity of use, automatic generation of names for nameless hues, and export of colors for Dark Mode.

Besides, software developers don't need to have a licensed version of Sketch installed on their Macs to use this tool. 


If you're getting lost in the sea of projects in tools like Xcode Projects and Swift Playgrounds, XCOrganizer will come in handy. This tool helps you find any project, workspace, or playground within seconds, thanks to metadata indexation.

One of its most powerful features is search by project parameters like file extensions or technology stack. That means you don't even need to remember a project’s name since XCOrganizer will organize the projects by specific groups that'll help you browse through. If you'd like to distinguish some work projects from your pet projects, you can create a system of convenient tags.


While the two above tools weren't a direct alternative to Xcode, CodeRunner would change the game rules with a powerful code editor and IDE suite. 

Out of the box, CodeRunner comes with:

  • Code formatting features like an indentation.

  • Autocomplete feature that completes functions and lines of code.

  • Syntax markers and highlights.

  • Complete adjustment of the IDE to your needs and coding style.

  • Debugging tools.

You're not limited to a particular programming language or a technology with CodeRunner. The IDE supports more than 25 programming languages that include Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Go, Swift, Objective C and more. If this isn't enough, you can add your own language to CodeRunner.


Consider Dash your ultimate cheat sheet library (more than 100 shortcuts to functions and commands) and documentation library for more than 200 APIs. You can also create your own documentation sets by simple integration with some of the package managers.

If you like everything neat and organized, Dash helps you arrange the documentation sets by keywords and specific parameters like technology stacks or platforms (web or mobile). 

To recap

Developing Mac and iOS applications, you're not limited to Xcode IDE. If you aren't satisfied with some Xcode features, you can test such alternatives to Xcode as:

  • CodeRunner – a powerful IDE that can easily replace Xcode. 

  • Dash – your documentation library at hand.

  • XCOrganizer – your navigator through Xcode Projects and Swift Playgrounds that helps you find any project even if you don't even know its name.

  • Sketch Export for Xcode – a tool that doesn't need Sketch installed on your Mac to export colors to Xcode from Sketch.

All of the tools that we mentioned are available on Setapp for Teams platform for free within a 14-day trial period. Try the tools with your teammates and upload as many applications as you need, without any limits.