Distributing apps

31% of surveyed Mac developers distribute their apps solely outside the Mac App Store

Using third-party stores

60% of developers are interested in distributing their iOS apps through third-party stores

Working with

44% of the surveyed have implemented AI/ML models into their apps, 39% are using ChatGPT for development

Distribution channels

67% of the surveyed Mac developers use their own website to distribute their apps. 40% use third-party tools like Setapp, GitHub, QooApp, Paddle and others.

Key challenges

We asked respondents to pick up to three key challenges they faced in app distribution.

  • App discovery
  • Marketing
  • User acquisition
  • Monetization
  • No recurring revenue model
  • I don't have any challenges
  • Other

It's an AI/ML's world

With the virality of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence and machine learning are firmly on their way to mainstream.

For what purposes do you implement AI/ML models in your app(s)?
  • Highly personalized user experience
  • Enhanced security with facial recognition
  • Enabling real-time translation
  • Increment of automation level
  • Automated logical reasoning
  • Automatic reply function
  • Search engine optimization
  • AI & IoT amalgamation
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Other

Inside the report

Is sharing revenue for distribution worth it

Most used development frameworks

Impact of russian war against Ukraine

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