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Easy to get started. Even easier to use.

1. Sign up
Create your user account on
Step 1. Join
2. Download
Download Setapp.dmg onto your Mac and open it.
Step 2. Download
3. Install
Drag Setapp to Applications and double-click it to install.
Step 3. Install
4. Sign in
Sign in with the same email and password you used to join Setapp.
Step 4. Sign in
5. All set!
The Setapp folder is now in your Dock and in Finder. Just pick an app and launch it.
Step 5. All set
Questions our customers ask.
What happens after the free 30 days?
We’ll send you an email reminder 5 days before your free trial is over. If you want to stay with Setapp, you can add payment info in your user account, and we’ll charge the $9.99 fee automatically at the end of your free month.
Can I cancel my Setapp account if I want to?
Of course. You can cancel whenever you want in your user account on
What if I already have some of the apps I see on Setapp?
You can keep using the original versions of your apps, or switch to their Setapp versions — it’s up to you. The difference is that Setapp versions are free from ads and in-app purchases. Plus, if a major update of your app comes along, the Setapp version will be upgraded automatically, for free. And, of course, there are lots of other apps on Setapp that you don’t have yet and will enjoy using.
If I buy a new Mac, can I keep using Setapp on it?
Sure. Just deactivate Setapp on your old Mac and reinstall it on your new one.