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Roll through college with the best apps for studies! With Setapp you get software for academic writing, research, task management, and many more — all in a single subscription. And as a student, you get 50% off .
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Setapp is a Subscription Service for Mac Apps.
Right now it has nearly 100 apps on board and new ones arrive all the time.
 Here’s how you can excel at studying with just a few of them.
Conduct research and experiments with utmost precision. Never lose important details, never waste time on protocols. Findings lest you easily keep track of every part of the flow.
Instant Translate
Instant Translate uses the latest achievements in language processing and gives your words, phrases, and sentences in 104 languages. Surprise your class with Japanese sources.
When composing and a large and complex document becomes a chore, Manuscripts comes to the rescue. Style guides are no longer your enemies and restructuring is truly simple.
Be Focused
Get a smart timer to balance your workflow. Be Focused schedules your day according to the goals you’ve set and lets you finish work on time. Distraction-free, with just the right amount of pressure.
Write a dissertation in a beautiful interface with tools for editing and exporting right inside the app. Writing gets way more pleasant when you work with the right tools.
Keep all your notes for every subject in one place. Studies saves all your docs: images, links, videos, text notes, schedules, even stats on class progress.
Budget planning is a bore, unless it’s done for you. MoneyWiz is your personal accountant that reminds you what and when to pay, as well as gives info on your past and future expenses.
Take a broader look on the project or generate a bunch of solutions to the problem with XMind. A mind map is a go-to place when you have ideas and you need them to work.
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