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What you get with Setapp

110+ Countries

Users around the world

Setapp is localized in 8 languages. 38% of our users live in North America, 24% in Europe, 14% in Asia, and 24% elsewhere.

30k Impressions

Instant visibility

On average, an app generates around 30k of unique impressions just in the first days of the release on Setapp.

90% Distributed Revenue

Big chunk of revenue

We share up to 90% of the revenue with developers. 70% of each user fee is yours, guaranteed. We may share 20% with the partners that bring you users.

24mo Lifetime

Impressive LT

24 months is an average lifetime of a Setapp customer. So be ready to get your fee for the next 2 years.

Join a good company

Over 240 high-quality macOS and iOS apps, many of which you know, are part of Setapp. We’re always open to mature software with excellent reputation and stable performance.

Join in three steps


Reach out to us

Let us know you want to join Setapp. Be sure to apply only if you’re confident in the quality of your app. In case it meets our quality standards, we’ll get you approved.


Submit your app for technical review

Prepare your app and submit it for review. Our technical team will check the app and have its final say on whether it’s ready for the release on Setapp.


Get paid based on the usage of your app

Once your app is live on Setapp, you’ll get paid based on how many people use it. We urge you to keep an eye on user reviews and respond to bug reports to constantly improve your app.


You can earn up to 90% of the revenue your app generates. This includes 70% of usage revenue, guaranteed. The more people use your app, the more you earn. If a user was brought to Setapp by one of our partners, we’ll pay 20% of the fee to that partner. Setapp commission is just 10%.

No, we never put any limitations on where and how you distribute your apps. Setapp is just another revenue source you can benefit from.

No, you can use Setapp as an additional distribution platform, alongside the App Store.

No, we’re partnering with developers that use a variety of technologies. Let’s discuss your case.

It may vary depending on the app, but the integration of native Mac apps typically takes just a few hours.

If users consent, we can provide you with their contact information. But first, you need to implement a User Permissions API for asking a user to share their email address. Thus, you can create a permission-based email list of your active users.

You will be able to access data about OS versions, localization, and app usage right from your developer account. Upon request, we can also share data like app installations, user growth dynamics, churn, retention, and more.

We will be able to take the app from Setapp after the expiration of the term specified in the agreement, typically it's a 1-year period. Please inform us about your intention to leave Setapp at least 2 weeks prior to the removal date.

Yes, we sometimes make a decision to remove apps from Setapp. The main reason is that developers decide not to update their apps and keep an outdated version in Setapp. We notify developers a couple of months in advance about our decision, but if the update comes along, we keep the app.