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48 ratings

Auxl via Setapp

Organize, test, and develop APIs

Auxl is a node-based toolkit for developers that helps them organize, develop, and test APIs — from something as simple as uploading a file or sending a form to more advanced custom solutions. Auxl offers a multitude of modules for tasks like performing regular expressions, running Javascript, routing requests through the integrated web browser, constructing forms, generating hashes, nonces, and much more.
version 1.2.10
requires macOS 10.15 or later

Auxl features

Mixing modules

REST, GraphQL, WebSocket — with Auxl, you don’t have to choose. Put your logic to life by mixing and matching REST, GraphQL, and WebSocket sources. Use various modules to address your project’s unique challenges quickly and efficiently. Explore modules for OAuth authentication flows, signing AWS v4 requests, and many more. Auxl has everything you need to build, test, and support modern web APIs.

Console-style output

Output in Auxl is presented just like you are used to — console-style. This drastically reduces clutter and helps you see what really matters and analyze your project at a glance. Auxl also offers syntax highlighting and preview support for your convenience. Got large responses? Auxl breezes through those as well!

HTTP client

Auxl knows exactly what you need for your work to be efficient and fast. The app has a full-featured, high-performance HTTP client that’s up for the task. The HTTP client supports a number of standards and protocols you’ll encounter in your work: HTTP/2, Brotli, TLS 1.3.


Safety and privacy is important regardless of what project you are working on. Auxl understands that. The app offers default encryption for passwords and secrets. You can also turn on full project encryption in the app. What’s more, the app is built to work in a way that your information does not leave your Mac.

Autocomplete and custom snippets

Define environment variables and use the output from any node as input for another with Auxl’s powerful variable system. Variable autocomplete saves you time and cuts down on the boring routine, helping optimize your workflow. And when you are all set, take that to the next level with the snippets functionality — reusable bits of your most used operations.


Extend Auxl to make it even more powerful. Script assertions and data transformations, automate your authorization flows by building exit conditions for the browser, and integrate​ any custom program or script through shell scripts.

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Positive reviews percentage
48 ratings
version 1.2.10
requires :platform 10.15 or later
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