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Craft mediante Setapp

Create documents, make impact with Craft.

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Turn your experience with notes and documents into a highly structured affair with Craft. Create efficient and visually pleasing documents to track your projects, ideas, plans, and more. File away your items into neatly organized folders or interlink via a master document. Collaborate and share for truly outstanding results.
versión 2.4.2
Se necesita macOS 10.15

Características de Craft

Create better documents

Create and manage your notes like a true pro. Use markdown, add images, format for stunning and easy to use content. Add links and high-quality media. Enjoy 50 GB of storage for all of your notes and documents in Craft. Offline? Work on your notes anyway and sync when you are back online!

Structure your items

Whether you want to insert a link to something you worked on earlier into your Craft document, or need to create a master document to connect all of your current and/or past projects, you can do it easily with the app. Use multi-level folders or interlink your notes to keep things organized and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Collaborate easily

Collaborate on your documents with up to 5 users. Create shared spaces to collaborate with others on your project or share documents one by one. With Craft magic, when you mention your collaborators in a document located in a shared space, they get notified.

Share what you are working on

Publish your notes online for others to use or export with Craft’s multiple export options. Save your notes for further use as PDF, Markdown, Print Export, Email, or TextBundle.

Use AI assistant

Speed up repetitive tasks or beat writer’s clock by using Craft’s built-in AI assistant. Let AI take care of the most mundane to-dos — create content, check grammar, summarize long documents, translate. What’s more, AI can rewrite your text in a different style or find answers to questions in your existing documents. Sounds like magic? Try it out for yourself!

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