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Spotless makes organising the files on your Mac effortless or even automatic. STOP PRESS! Spotless has just been awarded 4.5 stars out of 5 from! Ian Fuchs, Senior Editor at concluded; "Spotless is one of those apps that adds a little convenience to the Mac that I didn’t know I was lacking. Thanks to Spotless, my workspace is tidy, my files, images, and documents are in their rightful place, and ultimately my work is more organized and efficient. If you like tinkering or are obsessive about keeping your files organized, Spotless is the the perfect solution." Teach Spotless where your files belong by creating Tasks, and then simply drag & drop files to Spotless to organise them automatically. You can even automate the process by scheduling folders to be organised at regular intervals. Spotless will use your rules to organise files like magic. Create as many Tasks as you like to organise different folders in different ways or automate maintenance Tasks. Powerful rules allow you to organise files the way you want, leaving your Downloads, Desktop or any other folder Spotless! Main Features: - Effortless setup with the Autotidy feature - Drag & Drop files to organise them automatically - Schedule automated tidying of folders for completely automatic tidying - Powerful rules allow to to precisely control how Spotless organises your files - Default action allows you to specify what to do with files that aren’t handled by the rules - Create unlimited Tasks to organise different files in different ways - Decide what files to organise by filename, extension, file kind, file size, modified date and more for ultimate control - Searchable history allows you to see what actions Spotless has taken - Undo feature to restore files Spotless has processed - Ignore list to allow specific files or folders to be ignored by Spotless Tasks - Comprehensive and configurable conflict resolution rules to keep your files safe - Optional preview of changes so you can see what actions will be taken before they are applied - Detailed Help Centre showing examples of how you might use Spotless Examples: Just some of the Tasks you might automate using Spotless: - Move all files from your Desktop to keep it tidy, placing all the files in the folders in which they belong - Send files from the Documents folder that have not been modified for long time to the trash - Copy files from your Documents folder to an external backup drive at regular intervals, organising them into folders based on type - Organise images in your Pictures folder into subdirectories for each file extensions (PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG) and delete any that have “Screenshot” in the file title The possibilities are endless, we hope you enjoy Spotless.
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Puntuación: 4.5/5
basado en 915 reseñas
Última versión: 1.1.1
Requisitos del sistema: Mac OS X 10.10+

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