Mount cloud drives as disks to your Mac and encrypt the online files

CloudMounter is a perfect system utility aimed at connecting cloud storages to your computer as if they are your local drives and dealing with your online data in the same manner as with the local one. Having the latest encryption algorithm AES256, the app guarantees the reliable security of your cloud files. So, even if someone got the control over your account, you can be sure that they wouldn’t get any access to your personal data. The list of the supported services includes: - Google Drive - Microsoft OneDrive - Dropbox - Amazon S3, with custom server endpoint - Box - Backblaze B2 - FTP - FTPS - SFTP - WebDAV - OpenStack Swift With the help of this handy app, you can not only save the space of your Mac hard drive but also increase it to literally unlimited, as long as there is an active Internet connection. Wondering how it works? Alternatively to native clients, when using CloudMounter there won't be any synchronization of your local data with the online server, as the app actually connects remote servers to your Mac as external drives. Deal with the files on your cloud server the same way as with your local ones through native Finder app. Perform different manipulations with an ease. With CloudMounter it is even possible to move files between the clouds without manually copying them to your computer first. However, it worth noting that the temporary copy is still saved to the machine until the end of the transfer. Besides that, thanks to a rather useful Finder extension, you can flawlessly observe the status of the loading files. CloudMounter is a safe and reliable app that allows encrypting sensitive data on the cloud, so that only users with a decryption key can read it. For the rest, the whole content of the cloud will be presented as a confusing nonsense. In addition to online data encryption, all connections are made via the cloud’s native APIs (OAuth). In other words, CloudMounter neither uses your login information for anything else except for logging in the cloud, nor shares it with any third parties. CloudMounter can be handy if you are constantly dealing with several clouds or when there is not enough free space on your Mac SSD drive. Check it out and benefit from this ultimate cloud manager.
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Avaliação: 4.5/5
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Versão Mais Recente: 3.4
Requisitos do Sistema: Mac OS X 10.10+

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