Coherence Pro

Coherence Pro

Turn websites into powerful, Chrome based apps on your Mac

Coherence Pro allows you to turn any website into an isolated application using Google Chrome as a backend. ​ With an all new design, a completely rewritten backend, and new features like multi-tab apps and browser settings, Coherence Pro 2 is the most powerful SSB tool on the planet.

The full power of Chrome By using Google Chrome as backend, Coherence apps support virtually all sites and web experiences, and offer the latest security features and technologies. You can even use Chrome Canary to get the latest features early within your Coherence apps.

Extension and Profile Support Coherence supports the most extensions, allowing you to dramatically expand the capabilities of your site-specific-browser. All extensions from your main Chrome instance appear in the Coherence creation tool, and can be easily copied over. You can even copy over profiles and automatically enable sync and other Google-functions.

App Modes Coherence offers three different types of app modes. The first, Standard Mode, offers a traditional SSB-experience, isolating your app in a native window. The second, Tabbed Mode, creates a Coherence app with a more traditional looking browser interface. The final, Multi-tabbed mode, allows you to create SSBs that launch multiple sites, allowing you to create workspaces or use multiple accounts in a single app.

Browser designation Coherence allows you to designate SSBs as browsers in macOS, enabling you to assign them to certain tasks from the OS and third-party applications.

Bulk create The Coherence creation tool is the most powerful SSB tool on the planet, including the exclusive Bulk create function, that allows you to easily create multiple SSBs with shared settings all at once.

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Coherence Pro
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