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Transloader via Setapp

Start downloads on Mac remotely

Initiate downloads on Mac remotely — simply by dropping the download link to Transloader app on your iPhone, iPad, or other Macs. Assign the download to one of your Macs to initiate the download and the process will start automatically, without you having to be at your desk! Once the download is done, Transloader will let you know through a handy notification.
version 3.1.4
macOS 10.14 required

Transloader features

Access in Share menu

Transloader is accessible via the Share menu on your iPhone or iPad — long press the download link in your browser to access the Share menu, then pick Transloader from the suggested apps. Once in the app, assign which Mac you want the link to download to and tap Download.

Download on multiple Macs

Are you managing several devices and want the file to be downloaded on all or some of them? You can easily select which Macs you want to remotely initiate the download on and be sure your file is saved on them all for you to use whenever you need.

Get push notifications when done

Initiating a download on a remote machine is cool and handy, but what if you need to be sure it’s actually completed? Transoader keeps you in the loop by sending a handy push notification to let you know when the download is done. You’ll also be notified if your download failed, your Mac went to sleep, and more.

Download later

Haven't signed the Mac up to your Transloader yet? Or you just want to wait for a better time to start a download? No problem! Just save the download link for later in the app and initiate the download when it’s convenient for you.

Remote login to download

If a site you are downloading from requires a signup, your remote download initiation might not go smoothly. Sure, you can log in in advance, but foresight is never 20/20. This is where Transloader comes in — the app allows you to log in remotely whenever the download requires it.

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version 3.1.4
macOS 10.14 required
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