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Launcher with Multiple Widgets

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Launcher with Multiple Widgets через Setapp

Customize your home screen

Launcher 5 is a minimalistiс all-in-one app with powerful widgets and customize your home screen.
версія 5.5.1
requires iOS 15.0 or later

Особливості Launcher with Multiple Widgets

Customize your screen

Change icons, backgrounds, remove icon labels and style your home screen with background colors and images. Your screen now looks so fancy!

One tap for everything

Call your mom, friends, business partners or anyone you contact the most in just one click. Never waste time on searching for the important numbers or websites to make that special call. Now all you need is literally at your fingertips.

Your music is right there

Start playing your favorite track with one tap. With music launchers, you can easily find that special song that is now playing in your head. Sing along!

Launcher triggers

Get notified when to launch an app at set times or locations, right on your iPhone and iPad home screens.

Get directions

Search for nearby businesses in specific locations to save time when you travel and get what you want faster.

Day, time, location settings

Set specific icons to show based on the part of the day (morning, evening, noon), place (gym, office, home), or the part of the week (weekends, weekdays). Make your life so much easier.

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Launcher with Multiple Widgets
Відсоток позитивних відгуків
2 оцінок
версія 5.5.1
requires :platform 15.0 or later
Launcher with Multiple Widgets
через + 240 програм.